Boyfriend flees car crash with husband chasing them saving his wife


THE boyfriend of a married woman ran away after his car flipped over at a Motorway curve in Bang Pakong district of Chachoengsao province leaving her to be rescued by her husband who was chasing them in another car, said today (Nov. 11).

This accident occurred at 3.30 a.m. at kilometre 40 inbound to Bangkok. When the police team arrived they found that a white sedan had lost control at the curve, hit the curb then flipped over and fell by the roadside.

The driver, Mr. B (pseudonym), 39, fled the scene leaving Ms. Ying, 33, injured in the car. She was helped by Mr. A, 42, her husband who had chased them.

Upon being questioned, Mr. A said he had secretly installed a GPS system in his wife’s mobile phone. Before the car chase he got a warning message that his wife was riding in a car with Mr. B. He then followed them from Na Yai Am district, Chanthaburi province, until he caught up with them at this stretch of the Motorway.

Upon seeing that he was being followed, Mr. B accelerated and zoomed ahead very fast. Ms. Ying then rolled down the window and waved her hand to slow down but Mr. B continued racing ahead until he reached the curve and lost control of the vehicle causing it to flip over.

Mr. A said he got out of his car to help but Mr. B immediately ran away. He waved to a passing car to call the police and rescuers.

Police found out later that Mr. B had run to ask for help from another motorist at kilometre 39 of the Motorway inbound to Bangkok, about a kilometre from the spot where the accident took place, as he had a facial injury. Rescuers then took him to the hospital.

Police said they will  be questioning all three persons linked to this accident later.


The yellow sedan Mr. A drove in chasing his wife and her boyfriend. The Thai headline says. “Husband chases fast, wife almost dead.” Photo:

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