Thailand’s power production stable as Vietnam kicks off nationwide blackouts


THE Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) confirmed today (May 24) that electricity production and supply is sufficient in Thailand after Vietnam launched nationwide rolling power cuts, Matichon and The Straits Times newspapers said.

Vietnam started nationwide blackouts today as it struggles to meet surging power demand amid extremely hot weather with even the capital Hanoi affected. Certain areas may experience up to seven hours of power outages and the disruptions could continue through May 31.

Power plants using imported coal are facing fuel shortages because of slow imports from Indonesia. Its 13  large hydroelectric dams were run at capacity when natural gas prices soared with the water now at critical level thus unable to generate more electricity.

However Thailand is in a much better position with Mr. Prasertsak Choengchawano, EGAT’s deputy governor and spokesman, reassuring that his agency is capable of continuously producing and delivering sufficient amounts of electricity to the people nationwide.

This stable supply has been maintained despite fuel prices having been rising since 2021 while power demand skyrocketed during the ongoing extremely hot weather.

This year the peak demand reached 34,826.5 megawatts on May 6, shattering previous record highs yet there were no power supply problems nor power cuts needed.

This is due to EGAT having a modern electricity generation and transmission system, its efficient fuel management with lowest-cost fuel being purchased and postponing the decommission of Mae Moh power plant unit 4 to reduce the impact on the people.

In addition, Thailand is trying to reduce the risk of fuel shortages by diversifying from natural gas. Also now being used are lignite coal from low-cost domestic Mae Moh mine, hydroelectric power, solar and wind energy, biomass fuel as well as importing electricity from Laos.


Top: Power outage in Vietnam during March 2018. Photo: Tuoitrenews

Front Page: Workers repair electric cables in Hanoi. Photo by VnExpress/Hoang Hiep

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