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Members of ‘independent’ agencies could be deposed by people: Thai Liberal

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Thai Liberal Party’s steersman said people could move to depose members of “supposedly independent” agencies if they fail to maintain this standpoint.


Covid-19 conspiracies soar after latest report on origins

By AP and published by Yahoo!News

Conspiracy theories on the origins on Covid-19 skyrocketed after FBI Director Christopher Wray said the pandemic most likely originated in a Wuhan lab.


Yaowapa is back for Pheu Thai constituency-based contestants

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s sister Yaowapa Wongsawat has returned to the political arena to help Pheu Thai constituency-based contestants from behind the scenes.


Dozen more MPs leave for pro-Prayut party

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A dozen more MPs have hopped over to the pro-Prayut party while the Prime Minister remained mum on the exact date he may dissolve the House and call an election.



Concern over impact of election lingering till August

As private sector investment is slowing down till August when a new government is expected to be in place greater public sector expenditure is now needed, a top business body said.


Key suspect in macau888 gambling case and girlfriend fled weeks ago

Four of seven more suspects wanted in macau888 online gambling network case have fled abroad including Benz Daemon’s younger brother and his ex-actress girlfriend.


King Charles III proclaimed monarch of Australia, New Zealand

Both Australia and New Zealand proclaimed King Charles III head of state today (Sept. 11). The British monarchy is the head of 14 states outside of Britain, although the role is largely ceremonial.


Thai netizens blast post on selling kidney to get mobile phone

A Facebook post that emerged from Laos indicating that three persons sold their kidney to get the newly-released iPhone 14 mobile phone was heavily criticised by Thai netizens.


Potjaman in surprise appearance at Pheu Thai campaign

By Thai Vista News Reporters

Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s ex-spouse Potjaman Na Pombejra paid a surprise visit to a Pheu Thai Party campaign in Chiang Mai spearheaded by her daughter Paetongtarn Shinawatra


Sudarat now top leader of Thai Sang Thai Party

By Thai Vista News Reporters

Pheu Thai Party’s former strategist Sudarat Keyurapan is now the top leader of Thai Sang Thai Party and is the party’s candidate for head of government in the next general election.


3 cars damaged at flooded Bang Khen condo car park

Heavy flooding of a Bang Khen area condominium’s underground car park damaged three cars but no government agency is taking responsibility for it.


Families argue after ninth grader badly slashes fellow student for ‘bullying’

A ninth grade student slashed a classmate several times for allegedly bullying him but the victim denied having done so, with the two families arguing over compensation.


Army chief on 17 blasts in the South: It was worse before

The Army Chief said despite 17 blasts occurring in three southern provinces from last night till early the morning (August 17) the situation used to be far worse in the past.


Indian man caught at airport trying to smuggle controlled wildlife

A young Indian man was caught at Suvarnabhumi Airport last night (August 16) trying to smuggle six types of wildlife totalling 17 of them back to his country in a suitcase.


51 law lecturers insist Prayut be turned out next week

Altogether 51 law lecturers from various universities sent an open letter to the Constitutional Court insisting Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha be stopped from performing duties as of next week.


US commander says China missile fire over Taiwan must be contested

US Seventh Fleet Commander said today (August 16) that China firing missiles over Taiwan is a “gorilla in the room” that has to be contested.