Two gunmen kill Canadian citizen at Phuket villa


TWO gunmen who possibly are foreigners laid in wait in the bushes near a villa of a well-known hotel at Phuket’s Rawai sub-district last night (Feb. 4) and fired 10 bullets at a Canadian man as he drove up and got out of his vehicle killing him on the spot, Thai Rath newspaper.

The murder of Mr. Mandeep Singh, holder of Canadian passport number AN705178, took place at around 10.30 p.m. last night and was only discovered at 6.30 a.m. this morning when a housekeeper stumbled on his bullet-riddled dead body in front of the villa which is private and cut off from the hotel compound.

Chalong police were first notified of the killing after which Pol. Maj. Gen. Sermphan Sirikong, head of Phuket provincial police, went to investigate the crime scene.

A CCTV footage shows the victim had driven up on a red MG vehicle still carrying a red licence plate and as he got out to go into the residence two men jumped out from the bushes beside the beach parking lot and let loose volleys of bullets with ten hitting him leading to his death after which they fled.

According to preliminary investigation the gunmen knew the victim was staying in this secluded villa. Upon ambushing the victim they used two firearms to fire volleys of bullets at him.

Police believe the gunmen could be foreigners because although they had covered their faces with balaclava, they were tall.

Police also found some suspicious materials within the villa which are believed to be illegal but as yet cannot disclose the details.

They believe the two gunmen were either sent from abroad to kill the victim and settle an account or were foreigners living in Phuket or elsewhere in Thailand and were hired to kill him.


The secluded villa, top, and police investigating the murder scene this morning, below and Home Page. Photos: Thai Rath


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