Detained teen gangsters say it was revenge killing


TWO members of a teen gang who shot dead another teenager on Rama 2 road before dawn yesterday (Mar. 19) have confessed to police that they chased and killed him to avenge his having allegedly beaten up their younger friends, said this afternoon (Mar. 20).

However Pol. Col. Lertsak Khiamsub, head of Tha Kham police station, is not convinced this is the motive with the two of them also confirming that they had shot the right person amid suspicion raised by his father.

Mr. Phuwanat (surname withheld), 17, was chased by teens riding ten motorcycles and  was found shot in the back and lying dead near the power pole he had slammed his motorcycle onto at 4.45 a.m. while about 10 metres away was Mr. Pathawee (surname withheld), 17, with a broken leg.

Phuwanat’s father is certain this gang of teenagers had shot the wrong person because just before the killing his son was standing by the roadside with four friends with this gang riding past them. After a while they rode back and chased and killed him.

He added that his son might not have been a good person but he was not the type to pick a fight with anyone.

Police first found one of the ten motorcycles used in the killing parked at Bang Kradi temple, Samae Dam subdistrict, Bang Khun Thian district, and after that arrested Mr. Tasaphol, 19, on the charges of premeditated murder and carrying a firearm in public without good reason at a house nearby.

Later Mr. Thanawat, 19, contacted the investigators to surrender.

Both are still being detained and while no arrest warrants have been issued for the other suspects in this case investigation continues.


Top: The two teenagers after their arrest and surrender. The Thai headline says, “Killed to avenge younger friends.”

Home Page: Teens chasing their victim. The Thai headline says, “Chased and fired in the middle of the road, one dead, one injured.” Photos:

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