Woman hit with huge parking fee at Thonglor condo


A SHOCKED Facebook user posted an image of a parking slip with the fee reaching 10,400 baht after having left her car at a Thonglor condominium car park beyond the 12-hour free limit, TV Channel 7 said today (Mar. 22).

The young woman said in the message, “Parking fee is 10,400 … if I had known this I would have rushed home the first hour. This is a true story, parked for a day and four hours.”

She explained that she did not know the parking rates at this condo because her friend had just moved in a day earlier.

When she got the parking slip there was no information about the condo management charging 500 baht an hour after 12 hours or any fines imposed printed on it.

When she updated the slip, the parking fee had risen to 15,000 baht. 

However the issue was settled amicably with the condo manager giving her a discount on the huge fee and she ended up paying 3,500 baht.


The image of the parking slip with 10,400 baht printed on it. The Thai headline says, “Shock! Parking fee.” Photo: TV Channel 7 

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