Young Australian man falls to death from Phuket hotel

A YOUNG Australian man who came to Phuket with a group of 11 friends plunged to his death from a hotel room at Patong beach at 10 a.m. yesterday, Matichon newspaper said today (May 18).

Pol. Lt. Col. Ekachai Siri, attached to the Tourist Police Bureau, said upon being informed of the  death of Mr.Billy James Simmons, 22, he quickly sent a foot patrol to investigate.

It was discovered that he had arrived in Phuket with his friends on May 14 and was scheduled to return on May 28.

An examination of the deceased man’s hotel room, number 1107, showed no trace of a brawl. He was also alone in his room when he fell to his death but police did find an opened bottle of liquor there. It was assumed that he was drunk when he died.

Mr. Wongthasatham Santi, the hotel’s security guard who first found the tourist’s body, said he saw him while heading to the bathroom. 

Kosol Tham Patong Foundation volunteers took his body to Patong Hospital while waiting for instructions from his relatives.

Police later said that the deceased man’s father, Mr. Mark Simmons, had been informed of his son’s death and he is arriving in Phuket today to take his body back to Australia for a funeral.


Police questioning friends of the deceased tourist, right, in the hotel corridor. Photo: Matichon

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