Thai netizens blast post on selling kidney to get mobile phone


THAI social media lambasted a Facebook post that emerging from Laos showing three persons with wounds on the their abdomen holding up a mobile phone with the caption saying “Agreed for iPhone14” which they interpreted as meaning selling their kidney to get this newly-released cell phone, TV Channel 7 and Matichon newspaper said today (Sept. 11).

Mr. Pakphum Dejhassadin, a medical technologist who runs the popular Panda Lab Doctor webpage, too commented on this post saying he did not quite understand whether it was about selling a kidney to buy a mobile phone or not but some people who do not know better could misunderstand.

This photo was traced to a beauty clinic in Laos with the writer saying in the caption that iPhone 14 had arrived and workers are selling their kidney to the doctor (just joking). 

Some Laotians humourously commented on this post with one asking how much did they get for their kidney? Another said she wants to sell her kidney to get a nose lift (rhinoplasty) while a third one asked whether he could sell his appendix.

However when this post circulated in Thailand it was heavily condemned with some saying it was not at all creative because youths might misunderstand. 

One person pointed out that from the position of the wound it looked more like an appendectomy. Yet another person said this is a Vietnamese clinic that has opened in Laos.

However others said this is something that cropped up in Laos to make people laugh but it angered Thai people.

Sale of organs is illegal in Thailand with those needing a transplant only allowed to get a donation from a close relative with the Thai Red Cross to supervise it.


The picture that is going viral in both Thailand and Laos. Photos: Matichon

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