After weeks of flooding Lat Krabang residents find sandbags stuffed in a drain 


RESIDENTS of a neighbourhood in Bangkok’s Lat Krabang district that has been flooded since September 10 with the floodwater now reeking today (Oct. 2) found that sandbags had been stuffed into a key drain, Amarin TV said.

People living in Soi Luang Phaeng 6 said they started checking the drains after hearing that sandbags were found clogging one of them in a nearby alley.

Upon pulling out the first sandbag stuffed in this drain they found over hundred more in there. Once all were removed the floodwater started flowing out.

Mrs Weat, a resident in this alley, said in the past this neighbourhood was never this badly inundated with floodwater reaching the knees and people starting to get foot infection.

Upon hearing of people in a nearby alley having successfully unblocked a drain residents in this alley too teamed up to check and likewise found this key drain blocked.


Residents of  Soi Luang Phaeng 6 removing sandbags from a drain that prevented floodwater from flowing out. The Thai headline says, “Sandbags again.” Photos: Amarin TV

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