Body of French tourist lost in jungle for 5 days found 


A BIG search in a Surat Thani jungle for a Frenchman missing for five days ended this afternoon (Nov. 17) after his body was found down a steep cliff by a large party of rescuers, Matichon newspaper said.

Mr. Gollino Cyrit Tizzlano, around 30 years of age, had been staying at Khao Sok Holiday Resort but disappeared on Nov. 12 after mentioning to the resort’s owner that he was going trekking.

Three villagers said the tourist had brought a drone along to fly at Khao Phanthurat hill outside Khao Sok National Park. The drone disappeared and it is likely that he went to search for it himself and might have had an accident and got stuck in the forest.

A friend of the deceased tourist had come from Krabi and used his mobile phone to catch his handset’s signal, which came from the foot of the hill behind Wat Tham Phanthurat in Phanom district.

Surat Thani Governor Wichawut Jinto then sent 120 forestry officials, rescuers and villagers skilled at hiking together with two police dogs to search for him. They started in front of the temple where one of the witnesses said the French tourist had asked him to help find his missing drone.

Rescuers picked up his mobile phone signal again at a steep cliff of this hill, about a kilometre from the temple, with the police dogs also stopping there.

Hikers then climbed down the 150-metre-high cliff and after an hour found some broken branches that could be markers the tourist left to find his way back and a little later found his body stuck in some bamboo plants. It took three hours to bring his body up.


Top: The French tourist who died in Surat Thani against a backdrop of the forest he got lost in.

Below: Rescuers who searched for the missing tourist and a map showing the forest where he had got lost.

Front Page: The steep cliff where the tourist’s body was found. All photos: Matichon

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