Move Forward MP slams Prayut govt for using force against anti-Apec protesters


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

MOVE FORWARD PARTY spokesman Rangsiman Rome today (Nov.18) condemned the government headed by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha for evidently perpetrating a “shameful” act in the eyes of the world community by using force to quell anti-Apec demonstrators.

The Move Forward MP-cum-spokesman posted on his Facebook page to condemn today’s event in which a number of street protesters led by the so-called “Ratsadon Stops Apec” activist group were injured by rubber bullets and tear gas fired by policemen in Rajdamnoen Avenue area nearly 10 kilometres from Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre in Khlong Toey area where the Apec meetings were held whilst several others were arrested by the police and detained at a police station far away from the scene.

Rangsiman said those street protesters who could not practically stop the Apec meeting from proceeding as scheduled should not have been thwarted by the police with the use of rubber bullets and tear gas which was evidently against the internationally-recognised principle of freedom of expression.

The Public Gathering Act, cited by the authorities in charge of handling street protests, does by no means prohibit members of the public from peacefully gathering outside a venue where targeted attendees may convene, according to the opposition lawmaker.

The use of force by the Thai government against the anti-Apec demonstrators was obviously tantamount to shame on the part of the host country in the eyes of the international community, evidently underlining the fact that the Prayut regime could not tolerate opposing views of the people, he commented.


Top: Move Forward Party MP-cum-spokesman Rangsiman Rome, right, and  protesters clashing with police, left. Photo: Matichon

File photo of Move Forward Party MP-cum-spokesman Rangsiman Rome. Credit: Thai Rath

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