Chinese woman stabbed to death in fight over Russian boyfriend 


 A CHINESE woman died in a shopping mall bathroom after being stabbed 27 times by another Chinese woman in a fight over a Russian boyfriend the former stole from the latter, Thai Rath newspaper said today (Nov. 23).

The killing took place in a public restroom at Urban Square Shopping Centre, Soi Prachachuen 12, Lak Si district, with the suspect waiting to surrender to the police and taken into custody at Thung Song Hong police station and after that sent to a hospital to treat some cuts.

Investigation revealed that the deceased woman’s name was Ms.Xiong Ziyi, 24, a fourth-year student in international business. She had come to Thailand on a student visa and overstayed. The suspect’s name is Ms. Tang Jun, 36, an online trader who had come to Thailand on a tourist visa and also overstayed.

Tang Jun told police that she had hired the deceased woman as a translator to communicate with her Russian boyfriend with all three having met via WeChat app which is popular in China.

She later caught Xiong Ziyi being intimate with her Russian boyfriend and in anger ordered her to stop seeing him, however she refused and quit her job.

Xiong Ziyi later told Tang Jun to not cause a problem because she had nude photos and video clips of her which she would publish if she did so.

Tang Jun said she had not seen these pornographic photos and clips but believed that it was possible they existed because of her intimate relationship with the Russian man who could have sent them to her.

Last evening they met at a restaurant in this shopping mall where Tang Jun asked Xiong Ziyi to delete all the compromising material but no agreement was reached. 

After they finished eating and walked out of the restaurant Tang Jun said in anger she pulled out a knife and stabbed the other woman once. She ran to the toilet and she followed her there and stabbed her many times.

Police said Tang Jun has been charged with premeditated murder and carrying a knife in the city, community and public place plus visa overstay with Thung Song Hong station investigators continuing the legal action.


Tang Jun with her face pixelated at Thung Song Hong police station. Photo: Thai Rath

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