Doctor warns children should not eat cannabis jellies


A THAI doctor issued a warning that children should not eat cannabis jellies to go by the case of one young patient who after having done so had to be hospitalised for palpitations and severe irregular heartbeat, Thai Rath newspaper said today (Feb. 20).

Dr. Smith Srison, director of the Medical Council of Thailand and president of the Forensic Physician Association of Thailand, said in a Facebook post yesterday that the young patient had said that he bought the cannabis jellies from a store very near the school and thought it was an ordinary snack.

He added that it is not just this one case that shows the effect of marijuana on children, with emergency room doctors or psychiatrists also verifying the risky impact.

If the government and those involved with legalising cannabis do not issue regulations to control its consumption, mishaps could hit people in this country, he said, adding one day a driver both drunk and high on marijuana could hit your friend and kill him.

In Thailand traces of both marijuana and methamphetamine have been detected in the urine of criminals who attacked others.

Everyone involved in this legislation should stop and think about the impact of cannabis and at least tighten it to the same level upheld by other countries, Dr. Smith said.

That shops selling cannabis jellies are not reported to the police is because it cannot be done as it is no longer a drug.

Those with complaints have to go to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Health or the Department of Thai Traditional Medicine, he said.

While underscoring that he did not see a clear channel to file complaints, Dr. Smith mentioned in a later post that the FDA had contacted him to get information about this issue.


Cannabis jellies with the photos downloaded from the Internet by Dr. Smith Srison and published by Thai Rath

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