Thais fuming over British Ambassador to Cambodia’s ‘Khmer dessert’ photo


THAI netizens got annoyed after British Ambassador to Cambodia Dominic Williams posted a photo on his Facebook page with the caption saying “Khmer dessert” but what was shown is known to be Thai dessert, Amarin TV said today (Mar. 1).

In this photo are some delicious Thai desserts including Luk chup, which is Thai mung bean marzipan; Taco, a Thai pudding topped with coconut; Med Kanun, golden jackfruit seeds; and Tong Yip, a flower egg yolk tart, and Tong Yord, round egg yolk tart.

Thai netizens moved in full force to inform the British Ambassador with one pointing out that it was Maria Guyomar de Pina, known among Thais as Thao Thong Kip Ma, who introduced some deserts to the Siamese cuisine at the Ayutthaya court with a few of her dishes being influenced by Portuguese cuisine, especially egg yolk-based sweets such as Foi Thong, or golden threads, and Sangkhaya, a custard

Another netizen urged the British Ambassador to research well because being a diplomat he must realise the importance of communication.

After this drama flared up another message was posted on the Facebook page saying, “It is a symbol of my love for Cambodia. But Thailand and Thai people are great too. Please calm down and respect each other.”

However a little later it was found that the Facebook page, “Dominic Williams British Ambassador to Cambodia” no longer appears when searching. It is believed that it has been temporarily disconnected after Thai netizens moved in.


The photo that raised a ruckus. The Thai headline asks, “Khmer desert?!” Photos: Amarin TV

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