Tourist takes action about being slapped, handcuffed by pub guard


AN AMERICAN tourist who was handcuffed and slapped in the face by a pub guard eight days ago over a misunderstanding about a bottle of water today (Mar. 5) filed a police report for prosecution of the owner and the guard who attacked him, said.

The victim, only identified as Mr. Carhuff, was accompanied by his lawyer, Mr. Kriengsak Pinthusornsri, in filing this report.

He related that at 2 a.m. on Feb. 25 he and his brother together with two female friends had gone to this pub on Khao San road. One of the women ordered two bottles of beer to drink and the bartender handed over a bottle of water as well.

As he thought the water was free, he took it to their table.

He added that in the US when a customer starts feeling intoxicated the pubs and bars immediately give them free water to drink and he thought this was the case in Thailand too.

Later the pub guard summoned him to another room to negotiate but instead handcuffed him and slapped him in the face two to three times after which he used a long knife to threaten him while accusing of stealing drinking water.

As for news that drugs were found on him, Carhuff said this was not true as he had never been involved with drugs.

He also mentioned that he had worked as a language teacher in Thailand for over two years after which returned to the US to work as a plumber. He then came back to Thailand in January this year and is due to return to the US in April.

Carhuff also said that this incident has not affected his love for Thailand and Thai people.

Kriengsak said today they are filing a report on detaining another person, attacking him and carrying a knife against the guard. Police will also be asked to check whether this pub has got a valid permit to operate with the owner not having contacted his client after the incident.

Meanwhile the pub’s lawyer, Mr. Prasit Singdamrong, together with Mr. Sa-nga Ruangwatanakul, president of  Khaosan Business Association, came to the police station to try to mediate. They said they were unable to reach the tourist and upon finding out that he had come here quickly came over.

Sa-nga said he had talk to the group of guards working at this pub and they admitted there was a misunderstanding over drinking water and that they had overreacted in handcuffing him,

The pub was closed for three days according to the rules, he added.

Prasit said the pub owner had not overlooked the incident and had earlier filed a police report and sacked the six guards in charge of the establishment as well as the manager.

However he denied that the guard who assailed the tourist carried a knife while also stating that guards have to be trained on using handcuffs and this guard had used it arbitrarily.


Top: A pixelated image of Mr. Carkhuff and him being attacked by the guard, inset. Photo:

Front Page: The tourist being attacked by the guard. Photo: Matichon

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