2 young activists end hunger strike after 53 days to live and fight on


TWO female activists who have been on a severe hunger strike since January 18 to press for release of 21 political detainees with some including themselves facing lese majeste and sedition charges ended their protest fast after 53 days today (Mar. 11) so as to live and fight on, Matichon newspaper said.

One of the young activists, Tantawan “Tawan” Tuatulanond, said in a Facebook post that both she and Orawan “Bam” Pupong want to inform the public that they had stopped their hunger strike to live and continue fighting as they had not yet received a response from the court.

They are both undergoing treatment at Thammasat Hospital and are under close medical supervision as doctors are concerned about the functioning of their kidneys and other organs that had been affected by their lengthy fast without food or water.

Tawan added that they were both responsive and alert as well as communicating clearly. While they were now out of danger they would be undergoing medical treatment for sometime at this hospital.

Tawan also said the two of them continue to worry as they had heard that more political activists had been arrested and detained.


Tantawan “Tawan” Tuatulanond and Orawan “Bam” Pupong started their severe hunger strike after a roadside protest where they poured red dye, representing blood, over their head and body. Top photo: Thai Rath, Front Page photo: Matichon

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