Farmer gives away over 400 kg of durian to mark birthday


PEOPLE passing by an orchard in southern Trat province were today (Apr. 18) treated to free durian with the owner distributing as much as 400 kilogrammes of the smelliest fruit in the world but with a divine taste to mark his birthday, Matichon said.

Mr. Klai Rung Inkaew, 46, the owner of the orchard who together with his team also sells the fruit at a shop by the roadside, said he has been distributing free durian for 20 years now.

Initially it was to mark the birthday of a monk,  Phra Ajarn Wat Huang Phatthana, but although he has passed away the annual free durian distribution continues.

In the morning, three varieties of durian, Monthong, Chanee and Puang Manee, were offered to monks. After that they were peeled to be given free of charge to those passing by or stopping at his shop in Khao Saming district to buy some.

However while free, one condition applied and that is they had to eat it at his shop and could not take any of the birthday giveaway along with them.


Mr. Klai Rung Inkaew and his team marked his birthday by distributing free durian. Photos: Matichon

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