Young man suing ‘lieutenant general’ for sadistic sex


A YOUNG man who was badly wounded and bruised after having sadistic sex with a soldier he claims holds the rank of lieutenant general is this afternoon (Apr. 25) going to file a report for prosecution at Sadao police station, Songkhla province, Naewna newspaper said.

The unidentified young man was discharged from the hospital earlier today after being admitted yesterday for non-stop bleeding. He was quickly taken to the operating room but the doctor decided not to stitch the one centimetre cut but gave some antibiotics to help the wound heal.

However the young man is still bleeding and aside from the wound the doctor stated in the medical certificate that he had suffered many bruises.

“This soldier was very violent and inserted a sex toy causing the anus to tear. As for surgery, it still must be reevaluated but blood is still flowing. The lawyer told me to get a medical certificate to file a report for prosecution,” he said.

Yesterday, Maj. Gen. Sirichan Ngathong, the army’s deputy spokesman, said the army had received news from social media about a young man being injured while having sex with a soldier.

While this is a personal matter,  as the  army has been mentioned it immediately conducted a preliminary investigation and found the person involved is a soldier.

He has been transferred to carry out duties at the central units while a detailed investigation takes place and if found guilty of misconduct, disciplinary action will be considered.

She stressed that this is a personal matter and not related to official duties.

However the young man questioned why the army in its statement did not mention the use of crystal methamphetamine (Ice).

“The general picked up a bag containing a syringe and offered to inject Ice but I refused, but he injected it to himself,” he said, adding he got an opportunity to take a video clip of the bag containing the syringe but because he recorded it surreptitiously it is not very clear.

He also said it was unfair for the army to say what took place was a personal matter because the “lieutenant general” was still on duty and not on vacation. He also questioned where the money for transport and the hotel room came from.


Top: The unidentified young man who is still bleeding.

Front Page:  Maj. Gen. Sirichan Ngathong. Both photos: Naewna

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