Arson suspected in Nan garbage dump fire


A FIRE raged fiercely at a garbage dump in northern Nan province for over an hour after erupting at 6 p.m. this evening (May 13) with arson suspected, Matichon newspaper said.

Firemen had difficulty putting out the blaze because it had spread to a big pile of dumped foam boxes and other articles. Moreover the lower part of the dump had heated up which caused the fire to reignite after being controlled.

Nan city mayor Mr. Suraphon Thiensut suspects that an arsonist started this fire because it had rained earlier in the afternoon which made it difficult for a spontaneous fire to occur. This person probably passes the adjacent road regularly and either had the good intention to burn the garbage or wanted to get rid of it because it is an eyesore.

However he/she did not know that there was also a large pile of foam articles in the dump which a company had been hired to remove and professionally dispose of with this causing the blaze to spread quickly.

However it has now been controlled and as the dump is far from residential areas people are not affected.


Top and Front Page: The fire raging at Nan’s garbage dump. Photos: Matichon

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