Scammer tells police: Thais most gullible in Asia


METROPOLITAN Police published an audio clip where a former call centre scammer said Thai people are the most gullible in Asia while jeering that if you have money then just bribe the police, TV Channel 7 said today (June 14).

In the 1.34-minute audio clip, published on the Metropolitan Police Facebook page, the fraudster who used to work for a call centre gang based in Cambodia said Thais are the easiest to fool in Asia. The team will chase Thais first and after getting a large sum of money from Thai victims will move on to scam Chinese, Japanese, Indonesians and Filipinos and are now getting ready to target Malaysians.

The prevalent belief among the scammers is that they are not swindling their parents’ money and were lying to strangers with this being taught to them by Chinese people.

They were also told to not be afraid of being caught and instead be fearful of not having money because if they have money they could do anything including paying off the police and also be sure to take money along when meeting anyone.

Metropolitan Police have issued several warnings about the new generation of call centre fraudsters as they do their homework well and find out their victim’s name and surname plus phone number to build credibility leading to many people being tricked.

Should people get a scam call they should stick to the maxim “don’t believe, don’t rush, don’t transfer.” While these call centre gangs frequently change their strategies what does not change is making the victims fearful, fall in love or deluded or turn greedy.


Top and Front Page: Representative image of a scammer and audio recording of what he said. Credit: TV Channel 7

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