Police chasing burglar who looted luxury house in Sukhumvit area


THONGLOR police are hunting for a lone burglar who broke into an unoccupied luxury house in Sukhumvit Soi 69 and among the items he stole were three surveillance cameras, TV Channel 7 said this morning (June 26).

Mr. Donthanat (surname withheld), the owner of the four-storey house, told police that a break-in occurred on Thursday June 22 at around 3.30 a.m. with there being no one home that day.

The thief tried to prise open a glass door at the rear of the house but ended up smashing it then walking in to steal the family’s belongings.

When he saw the light of a surveillance camera, he unplugged three of them and took them along too.

Donthanat then reported the break-in to Thonglor police who contacted Office of Police Forensic Science to send officers to lift fingerprints as evidence in arresting and prosecuting the criminal.

The house owner also sent a message to the thief not to raid anyone else home this way again.


The rear glass door of a luxury house in Sukhumvit area smashed open by the burglar. Photo: TV Channel 7

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