Protest leaders granted bail, fundraising underway

THE Criminal Court today (Feb. 22) granted bail to protest leaders Mr. Parit Chivarak, or Penguin, and Mr. Anon Nampa on all their cases adding up to nine to ten each and their lawyer is now raising funds to meet the required sums of money, Matichon newspaper said.

However they are still under detention by the order of Southern Bangkok Criminal Court and the Ayutthaya Provincial Court with their team of lawyers to submit bail requests there tomorrow.

Mr. Krisdang Nutjarat, an attorney at the Lawyers for Human Rights Centre, tweeted that he would have to request people to help meet the bail for the two protest leaders because the cash in Rasadorn Prasong Fund is not enough.

Those who want help out were urged to transfer their donation to Kasikorn Bank account number 086-2-70434-7 under the account names Chalita Bantuwong and Aida Arunwong.

Meanwhile the Rasadorn Prasong Fund webpage posted a message that 2,080,000 baht is needed within the next hour to bail out Penguin and Anon and another one million baht to bail them out from Southern Bangkok Criminal Court tomorrow.


Penguin and Anon getting out of the paddy wagon today. Photo: Matichon

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