Police station denies getting big donation from actress’ friend

MUEANG NONTHABURI police station has denied getting a three-million-baht donation from a friend of actress Pataratida Patcharawirapong, or Tangmo Nida, who drowned in Chao Phraya river during a speedboat trip last Thursday night, Sanook.com said today (Mar. 3).

Pol. Col. Jaturon Anurakbandid, superintendent of this station, said it is not true that Mr. Tanuphat Lertthaweewit, or Por, had donated this sum of money to the station.

As for Por having met Mrs. Panida Siriyuthyothin, Tangmo Nida’s mother, at the station to ask for forgiveness, Pol. Col. Jaturon said he was going to make merit for the late actress that morning and asked to use the station to meet her mother before doing so with policemen being the witnesses.

Regarding the speeboat’s propeller having fallen into the river last evening (Mar. 2) while simulating the trip that led to Tangmo Nida’s death, Pol. Col. Jaturon said this propeller had been removed to verify whether there were traces of the deceased actress’ wound on it.

After the examination was completed, it was sent back around noon yesterday. The Provincial Police Region 1 team then got it attached back to the speedboat to simulate the incident,

However the propeller dislodged and fell into the river but this does not affect the case as verification of any traces of the wound had been completed earlier.

At 11 a.m. this morning a diver from Ruamkatanyu Foundation used GPS to locate the spot where the propeller had dropped into the river then went in and easily recovered it because of its large size.


Top: A policeman showing the propeller that fell into the river last evening. The Thai headline says, “Propeller had been removed and checked beforehand.”

Home Page:  A Ruamkatanyu Foundation diver going into the Chao Phraya river to recover the propeller that fell off last evening. All photos: Sanook.com

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