Search mission for missing US fighter pilot launched in Lampang


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

THE UNITED STATES government today (Mar. 3) launched a search mission in Lampang for remains of a US fighter/bomber pilot reported missing in action for more than seven decades.

The US Air Corps pilot who flew a Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter/bomber during World War II was believed to have crashlanded somewhere in Mae Kua subdistrict in Sop Prap district of the northern province.

Nine specialists from the US Defense Prisoner Of War/Missing In Action Accounting Agency based in Hawaii are conducting the underground search mission given helping hands from local villagers. 

Mission commander Maj. Brian W. Smith said the goal is to give the fullest possible accounting of the war-related incident and bring home the remains of the MIA pilot.

US Charge D’Affaires to Thailand Michael Heath said attempts on the part of the US government have been continually taken to bring home the remains of all MIA service members since World War II ended in 1945.


The search mission for remains of a US fighter/bomber pilot gets underway in Lampang.

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