Questions raised after a distant photo of actress drowning circulates

THE Thai social media is abuzz with new questions about the drowning of actress Pataratida Patcharawirapong, or Tangmo Nida, in Chao Phraya river during a speedboat trip last month after a photo taken very far away just when she fell in into the river was brightened by a Twitter user and shared, Naewna newspaper said today (Mar. 6).

The webpage “Jock Jock” posted the adjusted photo with the following message, “A clear explanation – it looks like Tangmo Nida fell flat into the river, looks like she was jumping (or being thrown) from the side of the boat and was not urinating at the stern.

“The picture shows Tangmo Nida wearing a bodysuit with another garment covering her lower half tied at the waist. The white lines on both sides of her falling from the boat are her arms.”

Meanwhile National Police Chief Pol. Gen. Suwat Jangyodsuk said he had ordered the investigation of all issues surrounding this case and is now waiting for the results from the forensic department with everything to be made clear within two to three days’ time.

He added that from the evidence gathered so far this is nothing more than an accident.


Top: Tangmo Nida, left, and the adjusted photo making the rounds on Thai social media. The Thai headline says, “Is that clear!? Cyber sleuths dig up a photo, brighten it, ‘that is her posture when falling into the river’? Photo: Jock Jock webpage and published by Naewna

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