Ex-policeman claims important person involved in actress drowning case

A FORMER Special Branch policeman claimed that an important person is involved in the  drowning of actress Pataratida Patcharawirapong, or Tangmo Nida, in Chao Phraya river during a speedboat trip last month upon showing up at Mueang Nonthaburi police station today (Mar. 7) to ask to coordinate with the investigation and be a witness, Amarin TV said.

Mr. Santhana Prayoonrat, or Deputy Tor, said with the involvement of this important person Tangmo Nida was either oppressed to the point of jumping into the river to escape danger and save her life or was physically harmed and pushed overboard.

Regarding evidence to backup his allegation Santhana said he wanted to meet the investigation team first before revealing it. He added that this meeting would show whether the team was attentive or if there were more manipulation attempts.

He added that a few people had sent him evidence in this case, including CCTV clips, some of which held up but others were fake but he thanked them all for doing so.

He added that he had been criticised by some people who he could name but that he got involved in this case solely because he sympathised with Tangmo Nida.

He underscored that his action was not linked to politics nor was he seeking fame or to be in the limelight.


Top: Mr. Santhana Prayoonrat, a former Special Branch police officer. The Thai headline says, “Linked to someone big.” Photo: Amarin TV

Home Page: Tangmo Nida. Photo: Sanook.com

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