5 dead, 20 injured as tour bus crashes into bridge in Saraburi

A TOUR BUS got badly damaged and tilted after crashing into a bridge at its entrance ramp in Saraburi province at around 3 p.m. today (Mar. 12) killing five passengers and leaving 20 other injured, Matichon newspaper said.

The driver of the Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi tour bus, owned by Sahaphan Roiet Tour Co., Ltd., lost control of the vehicle at the ramp, which is in front of a big shopping mall, and slammed into the bridge causing the vehicle to tilt as the front got smashed.

Some passengers were thrown out of the vehicle while there were still people trapped within with rescuers rushing there to help take those injured to the hospital.


The tour bus that crashed into a Saraburi bridge this afternoon. Photos: Matichon

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