Young man blasted for endangering baby while test riding a motorbike


PHOTOS of a young man who tied his baby on his back while test riding a motorcycle have gone viral on Thai social media and attracted strong criticism, Naewna newspaper said today (Mar. 21).

Among the critical comments are #be a dad when you are ready, #very scary, doing so this way is very dangerous for the baby if you fall, #go get a vasectomy, that’s best, #definitely shouldn’t do this.

The post showing photos of this rider test riding a motorcycle at Motor Sport Park Suvarnabhumi over the weekend was published on a Facebook page whose Thai name translates to, “Want to also be famous? Will arrange it. Part 3” has now been deleted.

However there was a message accompanying the photos saying, “My parents bully me – why did the organisers allow a baby to be handled this way? Didn’t they see? Please be my mouthpiece to the organisers of car and motorcycle tests, why do you allow this sort of thing to take place, yes a customer but it is not safe for the child.

“Test riding event at MSP track over this weekend, these photos were taken yesterday, the post has been removed.”


The young man zooming through the test ground with his baby tied on his back yesterday. Photos: Naewna

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