Former MP appoints lawyer to help fisherman sue MP in Tangmo Nida case

WITH MP Mongkolkit Suksintharanon earlier this week having published a surveillance camera clip that allegedly could show actress Pataratida Patcharawirapong, or Tangmo Nida, swimming in Chao Phraya river before she drowned with a fisherman sailing by looking on at what appeared to be her but was actually a piece of timber, this fisherman is being helped by a former MP to sue him for defamation, Amarin TV said today (Mar. 24).

Tangmo Nida drowned in Chao Phraya river during a speedboat trip with five friends last month and this case continues to rivet the public.

Mr. Sira  Jenjaka, a former party list MP of Palang Pracharath Party, together with the fisherman, Mr. Winit Tripanya, or Uncle Nid, today went to Mueang Nonthaburi police station with a paper appointing the lawyer to sue Mongkolkit for defamation which they showed to the reporters assembled there.

Winit said he had seen the apology Mongkolkit posted on Facebook but would have preferred that he directly apologise to him because that kind of an apology did not seem sincere and he had also never contacted him.

Winit confirmed that he had not received any money from anyone linked to this case with this boat also being his own. He added that he did not want to get involved in this case while also confirming what appeared in the video clip was a piece of timber.

He mentioned he would like a personal apology from Mongkolkit but right now he did not want to see him and would first consult with his lawyer and relatives on future action.

He also asked netizens to stop commenting because he was not as bad as they claimed.

Sira said a representative of the people must be their voice and not slander them. 

As for Mongkolkit’s apology on Facebook, this is considered to be a confession of defaming Winit, he added, while pointing out that he should focus more on his duties as an MP.

He also emphasised that this country has laws and an MP cannot just do anything they want to.

Although Mongkolkit said that he really did get the surveillance camera clip from the Marine Department after asking a minister to help, Sira said this should not be done because they are not the investigators nor the court and questioned whether doing so was interference in the work of officials under Section 185 of the constitution.

Sira also said that when he appointed a lawyer to help Winit it was to only sue Mongkolkit, the lone MP of Thai Civilized Party,  but as he had now discovered that other people in his party helped dig up information altogether three persons would be sued.


Top: Sira and Winit at Mueang Nonthaburi police station. The Thai headline says, “Uncle Nid considering suing MP Tae (Mongkolkit’s nickname). Photo: Amarin TV

Top: House of Representative Speaker Chuan Leekpai had to step in and warn MP Mongkolkit Suksintharanon (right) and former MP Sira Jenjaka (left) in August 2020 that brawling and punching up will not be tolerated in the legislative assembly after the they clashed fiercely on social media over the former urging Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to step down. Photo: Naewna

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