Elderly German tourist missing in Phuket for 6 days

PHUKET police and officials are searching for an elderly German woman tourist who disappeared from her hotel six days ago, TV Channel 7 and MNG Online said today (May 14).

The tourist, identified as Ms. Barbara Elisabeth Monika Glag Lange, 76, had been staying at Maikhao Palm Beach Resort with relatives but had not returned in all this time.

Mr. Bancha Thanu-in, Thalang district chief, along with Mr. Winai Sae-ew, a village headman in Mai Khao sub-district, Thalang district, said the tourist disappeared from her hotel at noon on May 9 and probably got lost because she displayed Alzheimer’s symptoms.

It was revealed that this is the second time this tourist disappeared with the first time being on May 5 when Phuket Tourist Police were able to track her down and bring her back to her hotel.

Relatives are helping the hunt for the missing tourist launched administrative officials, policemen from Tourist Police Bureau, Tha Chatchai provincial police station and Phuket Airport Tourist Assistance Centre, as well as  Sirinat National Park officials.

The search started in areas near the hotel after policemen and officials questioned families staying at this hotel and the staff working there to get some clues about where she went. 

The team split up into two groups, with one consisting of Tha Chatchai policemen accompanied by Winai and other villagers of Mai Khao sub-district heading north to Mai Khao beach.

The second team headed by Bancha and joined by Phuket Airport Tourist Assistance Centre policemen and Sirinat Park officials headed south to Naiyang Beach and a dense forest near Nai Thon beach. 

The search continues even though they have not found her so far because the team fears for her safety.


Policemen and officials questioning other tourists about the missing German woman and searching a beach for her. Photos: MNG Online

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