Social media boiling with rage over Chadchart delay


AFTER THE Election Commission postponed endorsing Chadchart Sittipunt as the governor of Bangkok despite his landslide victory in the gubernatorial election over complaints that his vinyl campaign posters can be converted into bags and aprons the Thai social media boiled with anger with the hashtag #EC what…happened turning into Twitter’s top trend in Thailand, Matichon newspaper said this evening (May 30).

However the Election Commission came out to clarify that it is not dragging its feet or bullying Chadchart who got 1,386,215 votes but had to consider everything carefully.

Most of the Twitter critics were very angry over the delay in certifying Chadchart as Bangkok governor with one of them urging others in her message to call EC at the election body’s hotline number 1444 at 8 a.m. tomorrow because while Chadchart can wait, people cannot.

In fact EC’s hotline had already been flooded with phone calls since this morning with callers enquiring about the delay in certifying Bangkok gubernatorial and city council elections particularly the endorsing of Chadchart as governor while also asking when the official announcement would be made.

Another social media critic said people chose him but it seems their voice is not being heard, so what can people do?

Yet another said we did not choose him because we can make bags out of his campaign posters but because we want the truth.

Meanwhile Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s Permanent Secretary Kajit Chatchawanich the City Hall has already prepared an office for Chadchart with his name at the door as the capital’s 17th governor.

He said officials were waiting for him to sign papers delegating duties and responsibilities.

Once certified by the Election Commission he could come to work the next day.


Top: Chadchart in front of the office prepared for him at the City Hall. 

Home Page: The EC’s 1444 hotline office. Photos: Matichon

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