Thailand asked to help arrest suspect in murder of Thai couple in Taiwan


TAIWAN has asked Thai police to track down a Thai man suspected of having murdered a Thai couple there with the woman also five months pregnant with twins and leaving their bodies in the boot of a BMW sedan and then flying back home, INN News and said today (June 12).

According to the Facebook page World Forum International News, the bodies of the couple were found on June 10 after police were notified of a bad smell emanating from the sedan parked at Taoyuan high speed ​​​​train station with some yellow liquid also leaking from the boot.

When Taiwanese police opened the boot they found the two bodies stuffed there with both having been hit on the head with a hard object. They had been dead for two days and as there was no sign of struggle in the vehicle it was assumed that they were killed elsewhere then their bodies placed in the sedan.

Information gathered by Taiwanese police revealed that the deceased Thai woman had obtained Taiwanese citizenship after studying there and working as an interpreter and was known in that circle as Interpreter Mi.

Her husband, only identified by his first name Prasert, is from Ubon Ratchathani province. He ran a business preparing lunch boxes which he sold to Thai workers at a Taoyuan factory where he was called Hia Mark.

The suspect is from the deceased couple’s hometown and they knew each well. He too worked as an interpreter at a construction site in New Taipei City while lending money he had borrowed from the couple to Thai workers there.

It was assumed that a conflict arose over the borrowed money and their other business which is recruiting Thai workers for jobs in Taiwan.

The three of them had met on June 8 to sort out these problems but after that the couple disappeared. The suspect drove this car to Taoyuan high speed ​​​​train station where he left it at the carpark and after that boarded STARLUX Airlines Flight JX741 back to Thailand.

The Thai police are coordinating with Taiwanese police in tracking down the suspect.


Top: The sedan in which the couple’s dead bodies were found

Front Page: Rear view of the suspect. Photos: INN News and

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