Deputy minister keeps mum on land grab allegations

DEPUTY EDUCATION Minister Kanokwan Wilawan raised her hands and gave a wai to the media at the Government House but refused to answer their questions on National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) having pointed to her, her father Mr. Sunthorn Wilawan and other accomplices as having encroached upon over 150 rai of reserved forest at Khao Yai National Park, Thai Rath newspaper said this afternoon (June 14).

Reporters were waiting to question her at Santi Maitri Building within the Government House compound after today’s Cabinet meeting and when she came out they asked her whether she is resigning from her ministerial position.

However she again gave a wai and replied that as the matter is currently in the judicial process she is not giving an interview but will later say what she is going to do next.

When questioned whether she had been in touch with her father, Kanokwan walked to her car, gave a wai for the third time, and only said “thank you.”

Asked what explanation she gave to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, Kanokwan again refused to answer, gave a wai and thanked the media, and shut the door to her car which drove off.

Meanwhile provincial police yesterday chased her father Sunthorn Wilawan, who is the head of Prachinburi Provincial Administrative Organisation, searching five targeted areas including Kanokwan’s residence in Mueang Prachinburi, Sunthorn’s private office, Bang Pakong Hotel and the residence of a local politician who is a close friend but did not find him, TV Channel 7 said.

Most of the people who were questioned said they had not seen him for a week now.

However NACC is now getting ready to remove Sunthorn from his provincial position.

Prachinburi residents strongly criticised the delay in the judicial process that led to the case having reached its statute of limitation yesterday and also wondered how Suthorn knew in advance that an arrest warrant was going to be issued for him giving him and his subordinates time to escape.

They added that they had known about this land grab at Khao Yai National Park for a long time now.


Top: Deputy Education Minister  Kanokwan Wilawan together with her dad Mr. Sunthorn Wilawan with her house in Prachinburi in the background. Photo: Matichon

Front Page: Kanokwan stepping into her car and leaving the Government House. Photo: Thai Rath

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