Wissanu: Ask Constitutional Court about Prayut’s eight-year tenure 


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DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER Wissanu Krea-ngam today (June 30) encouraged those who may wonder whether Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha will have spent a maximum of eight years in power by the upcoming August to call on the Constitutional Court for judgement.

Wissanu told reporters at Government House that Prayut’s eight-year tenure as maximally provided by law will almost certainly raise a bone of contention, thus prompting those who may have doubts about it to file a petition to the Constitutional Court to judge.

The deputy premier in charge of legal affairs said he would rather not ask the Constitutional Court to settle such a legal controversy though he himself is among the doubters.

However, Wissanu said government agencies including the Council of State and the Secretariat to the Prime Minister as well as public attorneys may be told by the premier to find out an answer to this question so that he could get himself well-prepared. Wissanu declined to say what he himself may already have told the unelected premier about this issue.

Whilst the question is yet to be finally settled by the Constitutional Court sooner than later, one of three answers apparently available for use will almost certainly be chosen by the judiciary body, all members of which were handpicked by a coup junta under leadership of Prayut as army chief who then named himself prime minister.  

Prayut’s eight-year tenure as prime minister maximally provided by law may finally end in the approaching August on account of his assumption of the premiership following the 2014 coup which he orchestrated or end in 2025 on account of the 2017 promulgation of the current constitution or end in 2027 on account of his being named head of the current coalition government following the 2019 general election.


Top: Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam. Photo: NNT

Front Page: The Constitutional Court logo. Photo: Naewna

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