Over 60m baht assets seized in raids on 4 drug networks


A LARGE-SCALE operation against four major drug networks along the northern border led to the seizure of big amounts of methamphetamine pills, Ketamine and raw opium as well as the impounding of over 60 million baht assets from one of them, Matichon newspaper said.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Sarayuth Sanguanphokai, chief of Narcotics Suppression Bureau, and Pol. Gen. Roy Inkhapairoj, the deputy national police chief, named the four drug networks as Mr. Hoi Tamil, Hmong Mae Pao, Akha Pha Khao and Muser Opium.

After three important drug suspects were arrested on July 11 with 7 million methamphetamine pills in their possession an expansion of investigation was ordered.

This revealed that Mr. Hoi Tamil network still had some people at the helm issuing orders since January this year even though they had been hit with over 20 drug raids during which 50 million meth pills had been seized.

The arrested suspects were ordered to open bank accounts and then transfer the cash to the group. Part of it was sent across the border with the remainder used to buy assets in Thailand. There was over 400 million baht circulating in these accounts.

With the evidence gathered police got court approval to arrest three suspects, Mr. Suwichak Achiraphat, 44, Mr. Wirachon Ya-U, 40, and Ms. Siriporn Sangthammachot, 30, and seized over 60 million baht of the network’s assets.

During May-July the police also raided three other drug networks with the following results:

– A total of 8,800,000 meth pills and 50 kilogrammes of Ketamine were seized from the Hmong Mae Pao network with three suspects arrested, namely Mr. Anansit Songcharoenkul, 20, Mr. Thanet Maskittiwong, 27, and Mr. Zeng Sae-wa, 41. Further investigation led to the arrest of two more suspects, Mr. Kuldej Saelee, 27, and Mr. Anusorn Anantha, 31.

– A total of 48 kilogrammes of raw opium was seized from the Muser Opium network with three suspects arrested just as they were handing it over to customers, namely Mr. Jalae Wugu, 39, Mr. Pabu Mi, 47, and Mr. Suraphon Saenthong, 27. 

– Altogether 1,010,000  meth pills were seized from Akha Pha Khao network with one suspect, Mr. Anong Che Mu, 22, initially arrested and another one, Mr. Surachai Yebu, 20, later rounded up.

Meanwhile last Thursday July 28 Udon Thani police seized an additional 5,690,000 meth tablets and 10 kilogrammes of Ketamine, a Chevrolet pickup truck and two mobile phones in an expansion of investigation after the arrest of three suspects,  Mr. Chokeanan Phrommee, Mr. Suwannabhumi Sae Yang and Mr. Somboon Saelor, who belong to a Phetchabun drug network, and were found carrying 6 million meth pills.


Top: Police team in front of a large house seized from the Mr. Hoi Tamil drug network. Photo: Matichon

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