Families argue after ninth grader badly slashes fellow student for ‘bullying’


THE families of two students with one having badly slashed the other for allegedly bullying him argued over compensation while the injured boy denied tormenting his classmate, Sanook.com said today (Sept. 7).

The unnamed ninth grade student at a school in Pakham district of Buriram province used a grass hook which he brought from home to slash his classmate at the back of his neck, shoulder and hips on Sept. 2. The injured boy was rushed to the hospital.

A friend of the injured boy also got hurt in the right arm after being hit with a chair by the attacker’s friend while moving in to stop the assault. 

However the two families look at the attack from different angles. Boy A, who got slashed, said he and Boy B, who attacked him, were best friends and he only teased him but never looked down on his poverty. He added that he could not now think straight especially since his dear friend violently slashed him.

Boy A’s mother said she was shocked when she got to the hospital because her son had to get 20 stitches on his neck, six on his shoulder, 11 on his hips. There are torn ligaments on his right arm and his ring and little fingers are bent and cannot be used.

Boy B’s mother said she had to admit that her family was poor and she worked in another province. Her son was usually quiet and she was certain this attack did stem from bullying over their poverty and parents not being around to take care of him. This might have led to her son not able to find a way out of this situation thus leading to the attack.

While not disclosing the compensation demanded by Boy A’s family, Boy B’s mother said it was way beyond the means of her family to pay up.


Top: The classroom where the attack took place. The Thai headline says, “Countered that he never bullied.”

Below and Front Page: The severely injured Boy A. All photos: Sanook.com

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