Siblings in payroll robbery arrested in Bangkok

THE CLERK of a Chonburi company and her brother who on Monday afternoon stole 3.46 million baht of 3.5 million baht payroll withdrawn from a local bank were tracked down and arrested at a room in Phasi Charoen district of Bangkok, Matichon newspaper said.

 Chonburi Provincial Police together with Ban Bueng station investigation team yesterday arrested Mr. Jatupol Boonmeesanom, 27, the younger brother who had worn a food delivery rider’s uniform in snatching the backpack with the large amount of money, and Ms. Prapaporn Boonmeesanom, 29, his older sister who worked as a clerk for this company.

 Seized from them was a total of 3,263,500 baht and two mobile phones.

 They were charged with using vehicles in a robbery, escaping arrest and physically injuring and causing mental distress to others.

 After withdrawing 3.5 million baht Prapaporn had placed 3.46 million baht in a backpack which the company’s driver Kritchapat carried to the van while she carried another bag in which 40,000 baht in smaller notes had been placed.

 As soon as the two of them reached the van Jatupol rode up and parked his motorbike next to it and then pulled out a firearm to threaten Kritchapat and also punched him while blasting him for having an affair with his wife. 

 Kritchapat then got out of the van and ran into an alley after which Jatupol snatched the backpack and rode away.

 Prapaporn confessed to joining her younger brother Jatupol in stealing the payroll and mentioned that the motive was to help another younger brother who was paying off a car loan to a finance company and needed money to establish himself.

Jatupol said he saw an opportunity to get some money and made a detailed plan with his sister the day before the crime.

They were both brought back to Ban Bueng police station in Chonburi for further legal action


Top: The siblings after they were arrested and some of the money recovered, left, and Jatupol riding away with the stolen payroll, right. 

Below and Front Page: The siblings being arrested at a room in Bangkok. All photos: Matichon

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