Gold chain, mobile phone stolen from Russian and Indian tourists


A RUSSIAN tourist lost a gold chain to two transgender thieves while strolling on Pattaya beach and a Thai woman stole a mobile phone from an Indian man holidaying at this seaside city, Amarin TV said this morning (Oct. 3).

At 11.30 p.m. last night Mr. Vadim Korni Iashchenko, 31, a Russian national filed a complaint at Pattaya police station that he had just been robbed of a gold chain worth 120,000 baht by two glamorously dressed ladyboys while strolling on Pattaya beach.

Speaking through an interpreter Iaskchenko said the two transgender thieves came up to him on the beach and offered their services. They got close to him, hugging and caressing him, but he refused and walked away. A little later he realised that the two of them had stolen his gold chain but by then they had fled.

Also filing a complaint at this police station last night was Mr. Sekar Mohandass, 29, an Indian tourist. He told police that after he had sex with a Thai woman who he met on Pattaya beach he realised his Huawei A4 mobile phone worth 18,400 baht was missing and suspected that she had stolen it.

Pol. Lt. Col. Chanan Kesornbua, deputy chief for investigation at this station, and his team are now gathering evidence, particularly questioning eyewitnesses and checking surveillance camera clips, in tracking down the thieves.


Top: Pattaya Bay as seen from a hotel. Photo: Herry Lawford  (CC BY 2.0)

Front Page:  A beautiful day in Pattaya. Photo: Herry Lawford (CC BY 2.0)

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