Japanese man commits harakiri in Chiang Mai


A STRESSED-OUT Japanese man was found to have committed suicide by disemboweling himself at a large house he shared with a Japanese family in Chiang Mai today (Nov. 27), Thai Rath newspaper said.

At 8.25 a.m. Pol. Lt. Danurat Kantiya, an investigator at Maejo police station, San Sai district, was alerted of a foreigner having killed himself and rushed to the house together with a doctor from Sansai Hospital and forensic officers.

At the large rented house with there being a swimming pool in the middle, they found the body of Mr. Sora Tadsiya, 48, in a room separated from the main house. He was lying dead on the bed with there being stab wounds on his neck, both arms and a severe cut in the abdomen. A 30-cm knife had fallen by his side and on the side table were some medicine he was supposed to take.

Mr. Kadzu Komira, friend of the deceased, told police that he had lived in this house with his family for around two years. Last month the deceased had arrived in this northern city from Japan and asked for lodging.

While staying with them he periodically went to Pai district in Mae Hong Son and had attempted to commit suicide there but was prevented from doing so by local residents.

Kadzu added that the past week the deceased had complained to him about being stressed and worried but he did not know what was bothering him.

After investigating the scene of his death, police sent his body to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital’s forensic department for examination and will continue investigating the cause of his death.


The large house where the Japanese man committed harakiri. Photo: Thai Rath

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