Police search luxury housing estate dominated by grey capitalist gang 


A POLICE team armed with a search warrant inspected a luxury housing estate in Soi Lasalle after it was discovered that most of these large houses belong to people in the network of Chinese grey capitalist Mr. Chaiyanat Kornchaiyanana, alias Tu Hao, who was earlier arrested on drug charges, Sanook.com said this afternoon (Nov. 29).

Deputy National Police Chief Pol. Gen. Torsak Sukwimol said the main gate of this estate was strictly controlled by security guards.

Within were 66 luxury houses each valued at 35 to 60 million baht. Since 2020 Chinese people have used proxies to buy 50 of them in cash with the remaining 16 purchased by Thais.

However the 16 Thai families living there had gradually sold their posh homes after being unable to tolerate night parties held by their Chinese neighbours with riders delivering food all night and vans bringing pretty girls in to serve them.

After Chaiyanat surrendered to police most of these Chinese people moved their belongings out of their large houses in this estate and hid their expensive vehicles at various places and disappeared.

Police today found that only some Chinese residents who did not know about the Chaiyanat case remained at their house with there only being Thai servants present in the rest of them.

Pol. Gen. Torsak added that he is also searching another luxury housing estate in Charoen Nakhon area, Khlong San district, and will brief the press and share photos of the raid tomorrow.


The luxury housing estate in Soi LaSalle raided by the police today, Nov. 29, 2022. The Thai headline says, “Chinese people take over housing estate.” Photo: Sanook.com

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