Brutal employer gets over 14 years for torture


A WOMAN and her two accomplices who brutally tortured a male employee were today (Dec. 14) sentenced by Sing Buri Provincial Court to 14 years and six months in jail and fined 1.2 million baht plus told to pay the victim 6.7 million baht compensation, said.

Mr. Kerdphon Kaewkerd, a lawyer who represented Mr. Jirawat Laosuwan, or Fah, 29, said Ms. Naipaporn Netabut, or Je Kang, and two of her accomplices were found guilty of torturing his client.

When Jirawat’s brother rescued him his face was deformed through regular beatings, his genitals were badly infected and he had also been repeatedly forced to eat dog and bird faeces.

Police then arrested Naipaporn and one of her two accomplices, Mr. Sarayut Boonkong, or Uan, with this shocking case hitting the headlines last December.

All three defendants were given reduced sentences of 14 years and six months in jail because of useful testimony and additionally fined 1.2 million baht plus told to pay 6.7 million baht compensation.

“Today I have done my duty in getting justice for him and I will follow up and get the compensation for him too, even if it means seizing her beloved dog and selling it, I will do so,” Kerdphon said.


Top: Mr. Jirawat, left, with his lawyer, Mr.  Kerdphon Kaewkerd.

Below: Jirawat with an image of his employer Ms. Naipaporn, inset. The Thai headline says, “Je Kang said she loves Nong Fah.” Both photos:

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