Huge waves pound Prachuap Khiri Khan Bay 


THE northeastern monsoon prevailing in the Gulf of Thailand, the South and the Andaman Sea led to strong three- to four-metre-high waves slamming onto an eight-kilometre stretch of Prachuap Khiri Khan Bay today (Dec. 18), INN News said.

These large waves are continuously hitting this bay, which is around 90 kilometres south of Hua Hin seaside town, particularly from Wing 5 Airbase to Khao Ta Mong Lai National Park in Mueang district where there are some famous tourist attractions.

It has also led to some roads being flooded but locals and tourists are still able to drive through normal routes cautiously.

Most of the beachfront restaurants have been temporarily shut till the weather improves. Meanwhile over 300 commercial fishing boats had to move from this bay and take shelter at Bang Nang Rom Canal, Ta Mong Lai mountain foothills and Wing 5 Airbase.

These large waves may affect concrete sea walls in front of Chaloem Phrakiat Park near city hall that are damaged and need to be repaired. Moreover some power poles with pineapple lanterns on the stretch facing the sea walls are not working as they are rusty with cables damaged.


Waves as high as four metres continuously pounded Prachuap Khiri Khan Bay today (Dec. 18). Photos: INN News

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