Flood crisis: Hundreds of gas cylinders float down Hat Yai road


HEAVY flooding at Hat Yai city last night (Dec. 18) led to hundreds of gas cylinders including those used in restaurants and households floating down a road as cars were driving through, Sanook.com said today (Dec. 19).

Kartier Natz Facebook page user posted a video clip, which was also shared at Hatyaiz group page, showing these gas cylinders floating down a road at Khlong Wa intersection, Kho Hong municipality, after a gas compression plant got flooded. Residents were shocked to see so many dangerous cylinders coming down the road with the floodwater.

However the inundated gas compression plant employees waded through the floodwater to collect these cylinders amid continuous rain. 

Sampeng Hat Yai wholesale page ran a message that if anyone saw gas cylinders in the floodwater they should call the factory at 086-488-7344 to come and collect them.

Many schools in this southern city are closed today because of the heavy flooding with classes being held online.


Gas cylinders floating in the floodwater. The Thai headline says, “Gas cylinders floating on the road.” Photo: Sanook.com


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