Suspect captured after managing to escape at court

ONE OF nine suspects standing trial at the Criminal Court on Ratchadapisek road on charges of defrauding the public managed to escape from the bathroom but he was quickly captured within the same building, Naewna newspaper said this afternoon (Dec. 22).

The suspect, Mr. Prasit Jeawkok, had asked the court’s permission to go to the bathroom where an accomplice brought him casual clothes and a key to unlock the shackles that enabled him to flee.

It was reported that court police had quickly arrested Prasit within the Criminal Court building and investigation is now underway as to who had helped him escape.

Prasit and the eight other suspects have been charged with jointly running a ponzi scheme with investors duped into buying gold coupons, investing in travel packages and a savings cooperative that offered higher return than legal limit.

When the hundreds of people who had invested millions of baht did not get the promised return they tried to contact the suspects but were unable to reach them.


The Criminal Court on Ratchadapisek road. Photo: INN News

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