Electoral contestants warned against handing out New Year gifts, calendars


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

ALL THOSE WHO MAY contest the next general election for MPs are cautioned to never hand out New Year gifts or calendars to anyone from now until the polling date.

The Election Commission is seeing to it that no electoral contestants will practically break the law by handing out New Year presents or calendars, either with or without a picture of themselves, to any constituents during the current 180-day period lasting until the election date, speculated early next year, according to a senior official of the polling agency.

However, New Year well-wishing messages may be posted on social media by electoral contenders or their campaign staff as allowed under the Election Act, the official said.

Those who will run for MP particularly in constituency-based mode are largely feared to manage to distribute New Year gifts or calendars, albeit produced at very low cost, to their constituents as had been the case in previous elections.

Though the year-end occasion may be casually cited for the handout of such giveaways, they could be more or less considered by the authorities as vote-buying items in addition to cash as far as electoral contestants are concerned, he said.


Top: The Election Commission logo. Photo: Matichon Weekly

Front Page: Electoral candidates are not allowed to give New Year gifts such as these. Image by Yevhen Buzuk from Pixabay

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