Lawyer hits ex-deputy PM with false report charge


A LAWYER representing the husband of a woman who had an affair with a former deputy prime minister today (Jan 12) filed a false report charge against him at Bangyikhan police station for having allegedly falsely claimed that he lost over 20 million baht in dowry during their relationship, Naewna newspaper said.

Mr. Sittra Biabungkerd, a well-known lawyer representing the husband, only identified as Khun Kor, said the ex-deputy premier had made false statements to the police about asking for her hand in marriage or getting engaged without this having taken place. 

The senior politician was accused of embellishing the facts in order to get the assets he had given her back while having been married to another woman for 10 years.

Sittra also said that it was not true he had given his client’s estranged wife money to buy a condo because the unit in question, which is 35 square metres and located in Wong Wian Yai area, was purchased in 2019 while he had only met her in 2022.

“There is also no evidence of withdrawal of money to give to the woman, I believe he did give her some cash, but it is not up to 10 million baht,” he added.

He also said that two days after he revealed the case on Jan. 7 the former deputy premier had taken his wife to get divorced at Sampran district office so as to get his assets back from his lover as a single man who had paid dowry to marry her.

“Her father is fighting another case and did not go to meet the investigators, the former deputy premier knows this well,” he said.

Sittra has also asked the prosecutors for justice after police concluded that joint fraud charges be filed against the four of them, that is his client, his estranged wife and her parents, pointing that the courts had to date dismissed 70% of such cases.

This case arose after Khun Kor found out that his wife was having an affair with the senior politician and asked her for divorce but she refused. He then told her he would have to file for divorce with the ex-deputy premier being named.

His estranged wife then informed the senior politician of this development and he moved to sue her, her parents and estranged husband for fraud.


Top: Pixelated image of the ex-deputy premier and Khun Kor’s estranged wife. Photo: Matichon

Front Page: Lawyer Sittra Biabungkerd talking to the press today. Photo: Naewna

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