Scoot flight takes off hours early, leaving 29 passengers behind


By The Straits Times and

Singapore – A Singapore-bound Scoot flight from Amritsar, India, on Wednesday took off four hours earlier than initially scheduled, leaving 29 passengers stranded.

According to the airline, it is aware that some passengers missed the flight.

In response to The Straits Times’ queries, Scoot said that flight TR509 was rescheduled from 7.55 p.m. to 3.45 p.m. as bad weather was affecting departures.

The Singapore Airlines-owned budget carrier added that passengers were informed about the change on Jan. 15 through email, SMS, or both.

The Telegraph India reported that a senior official at Amritsar airport said around 300 passengers were scheduled to board the flight.

But one travel agent had not told its clients of the change, causing them to miss the flight, the official added.

“Scoot sincerely apologises for the inconvenience caused,” the airline said, adding that it was providing affected customers with the necessary assistance, as well as the option of a refund or rebooking on other available flights.

Other flight related incidents

Over the last few months domestic airlines have made headlines – initially over multiple mechanical faults and then mishandling of passengers. Two Air India flights are under scrutiny over incidents involving drunk passengers, said.

The crew of a New York-Delhi flight were de-rostered after a drunk passenger urinated on an elderly woman. In another Air India Paris-Delhi flight, a drunk passenger had urinated on the vacant seat and blanket of a woman passenger. Another passenger, also inebriated, was caught smoking in the lavatory and refusing to respond to the instructions of the cabin crew.


Top: Scoot said all passengers were notified about the change in flight timings. ST Photo/Lim Yaohui LIM 

Front Page: The low-cost airline said the schedule change was due to “inclement weather conditions.” Photo: Getty Images and published by The Independent

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