Thai man embarks on 2,000km Valentine’s Day journey to propose to girlfriend

By Jerusalem Post and Thai Rath

A THAI man is documenting his incredible 2,000km journey on TikTok as he travels on foot to propose to his girlfriend, who he met on social media and has yet to meet in person, in time for Valentine’s Day.

Departing from his hometown of Nakhon Nayok near Bangkok on January 14th, Mr. Suthep Lomjit, 52, hopes to reach the Southern Thai province of Satun by February 14. The man will walk nearly 2,000km to “prove his love” to a woman he has never met before and this is Ms Thanapa Khiao-on, 56.

In one of his various videos uploaded to social media, he said: “I will run and prove whether there is true love in my heart or not. I will run for a month, starting on January 14 and will reach my destination on February 14th – Valentine’s Day.”

“True love can be found on social media”

“We met on TikTok and I will show everyone that true love can be found on social media,” Suthep declared. He posts regular updates on his viral TikTok account and has so far garnered millions of views. 

While he began the journey with passion and pace, the man admitted in a video that he began feeling fatigued on the third day.

The man set off 11 days ago and still has 843 kilometres to go to his destination. In his most recent video, which has so far gained 3.1 million views, he admitted he has no idea what his girlfriend thinks about him reaching her on foot. 


Mr. Suthep Lomjit and the woman he is walking 2,000km to meet, Ms Thanapa Khiao-on. Photos: Thai Rath

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