Actress gives more information about macau888 as Benz Daemon is detained


POLICE said actress Arisara “Due” Thongburisut, whose allegations in a Facebook post last month triggered the crackdown on macau888 online gambling network, had given more useful information during interrogation in Taiwan yesterday while her ex-boyfriend and the key suspect in the case has been detained after returning to Thailand from Hong Kong last night, Thai Rath newspaper said this afternoon (Feb. 15).

Pol. Maj. Gen. Wiwat Khamchamnan, deputy chief of Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau, said Arisara related that her former boyfriend, Mr. Chaiwat “Benz Daemon” Kajornboonthavorn, had expanded his gambling business from a very small start 10 years ago together with his family members.

As more money flowed in he opened more companies and entertainment venues. 

She added that she is returning to Thailand mid-March and will report being physically abused by Benz Daemon at Thonglor police station.

Arisara’s testimony is considered useful for the case and she has not been found to have participated in offences that Benz Daemon has been charged with, he said.

Regarding the three other brothers in this case, one of them is Pol. Capt. Kunakorn Khajornboonthavorn, or Captain Bright, who has denied all charges. The other two, Mr. Big and Mr. Boss, are still overseas.

Benz Daemon was immediately taken for questioning at the Technology Crime Investigation Division 3 office upon arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport from Hong Kong at 10.18 p.m. last night.

Throughout the night-long interrogation Benz Daemon denied all the charges.

This morning he was taken to court and has now been placed under the initial 12-day detention.

Reporters got an opportunity to question Benz Daemon and upon being asked whether he was linked to gambling websites he just shook his head. Asked if he would fight the charges, he nodded. 

When asked about his ex-girlfriend Arisara accusing him of physical abuse, he said he did not want to talk about it.

Meanwhile, deputy police spokesman Pol. Col. Krissana Pattanacharoen said there is now evidence to ask the court to issue arrest warrants for 55 suspects, including Benz Daemon, the prime suspect.

There are others who have opened front companies but police are still collecting evidence about them.


Mr. Chaiwat “Benz Daemon” Kajornboonthavorn arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport and being taken for questioning. Photos: Thai Rath

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