Ford dealer insists vehicle was new, willing to buy it back


A DEALER of Ford vehicles in Rayong today (Feb. 22) refuted claims by a woman that a pickup truck she bought two years ago was fitted with a second-hand engine insisting that it was new and that the company is willing to buy it back, Naewna newspaper said.

Mr. Somsak Paniangthong, managing director of Ford Ek Rayong Company, said Ms. Jindarat Chamluengrit, 26, had been negotiating with his car centre and now a request had been made to the Consumer Protection Subcommittee in Rayong to mediate and reach an agreement.

Jindarat had told the media over the weekend that she had bought the black four-door pickup truck in cash on March 16, 2020.

On Jan. 30, 2023 upon the pick-up truck’s clutch having worn out she took it to the same car centre for repair as it was still within the warranty period. 

Yet a mechanic then told her the warranty had run out as this vehicle was registered in 2018 with the engine and the chassis numbers not matching what was registered.

Moreover the Land Transport Department also would not renew the registration because of this disparity.

However Somsak confirmed that this was a new vehicle, which was on display at the showroom, and was never sold to anyone else nor had the engine been replaced with an old one.  It can be registered normally and his company has successfully renewed the registration at the Land Transport Office.

Somsak added that his company is willing to take care of Jindarat in every way but not at more than what she paid for the vehicle. 

However she wants his company to give her a new Next-Generation Ranger pickup truck that costs more than the one she had purchased.

Jindarat said she consulted her family after receiving the latest proposal and they had decided to reject this offer and she will continue fighting for justice because she is the victim.


Ms. Jindarat Chamluengrit and her black four-door Ford pickup truck. Photos: Naewna

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